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Wednesday I tried something different: instead of riding our bikes to take my youngest child to school, or walking fast while she rides her scooter, I attempted to jog. Now, I didn’t just decide that I would jog the 1.25 miles there and 1.25 miles back. Instead I decided that I would jog for 60 seconds, then walk for 60 seconds, which worked out fairly well. I ended up jogging for one block, then walking for one block, then jogging again for one block, etc, while my daughter rode her scooter and the dog kept pace with me.

Thursday morning I woke to pain in my sciatic nerves where they run through the Piriformis muscles in my glutes (buttocks), so I stretched the muscles and the pain subsided. Once again, I put the dog on the leash and my daughter on the scooter and off we went. After the sixth jog-walk cycle I felt intense pain in my right Achilles tendon, so I decided to walk the rest of the way to school and back.

This morning, my tendon is still tender and is now swollen and I again have Piriformis pain, so the child rode the bus.

My problem could have been that I tried to do too much too fast, or it could be that my disabilities have decided to limit my progress. Either way, I’m going to have to slow down.

My disabilities? Well, I try not to reveal them. But I walk with a cane most days because I have “Piriformis Syndrome” which is where my sciatic nerve runs through the Piriformis muscle and gets pinched, causing pain that radiates down my legs. It’s worse on the right, so I walk with a cane. I also have two crushed disks in my neck which, in addition to just hurting, causes me to drop things (which really ticks me off every time it happens) and a crushed disk in my lower back.

I was always physically very strong, until these back injuries popped up and introduced themselves in my early forties. I don’t even know where they came from. I don’t recall any injuries other than a few when I was very young (and I mean VERY young, like under age five). I find the pain limiting, and frustrating. So I lift weights, I stretch, I walk a lot, and I ride my bicycle to the store a few times each week. Apparently running is not going to be something that I can do, so I will have to stick with the bike and the walking.

My next challenge is to add carrying a backpack, which I will try after a few weeks of just walking so that this heel pain and Piriformis pain subside.